Spa  Packages   


To help us keep a tranquil spa atmosphere and be considerate to all clients,  kindly silence your cell phones when entering the Spa.  

Spa Package can’t be split up, or they are no longer a Spa Package. 

All Gift Cards are a dollar value, not service value

Please arrive 15 minutes before scheduled package.  

All times for packages are approximate.  

 Roll Out The Red Carpet
Aromatherapy Full Body 80 min. Relaxation Massage, Restore Facial, Glass Slipper Pedicure, Diamond Ring Manicure and lunch.
6 – 7 hours $247.50 

 Golden Avenue
Aromatherapy Full Body 50 min. Relaxation Massage, Classic Facial, Glow Pedicure, Glow Manicure and lunch.
4 – 5 hours $198.00 

 Silver Avenue
Full Body 50 min. Relaxation Massage, Classic Facial and Classic Pedicure.
3 – 4 hours $155.70 

 Classic Avenue
All the Spa on the Avenue Classics: Facial, Pedicure and Manicure.
2 – 3 hours $130.50

The Glass Slipper Pedicure and Diamond Ring Manicure
2 hours $96.30